Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2016

Explained: works series "Roots"

To get a new impulse to my work, I needed distance to the abstract acrylic painting which I practiced in recent years. With this series of works I went back to the roots of my inspiration and to the roots of me being an creating artist.

The roots of my ideas
I´ve always been curious about the unpredictable and unknown - interactions, reactions, the dynamic within and the traces that are left. It is an inexaustible source of inspiration.

The roots of my visualisation
The first materials I used to create works that I labeled "art" were paper and ink. I resurrected these materials and fused it with the controlled fortuity and decisive randomness of my abstract works.

The roots of existence
The four elements are represented by colours:
Blue and Red representing AIR/Space, meaning the stardust we all are created of.
Blue and Green representing WATER, where life on earth started.
Black and White representing SOIL, which feeds life on earth.
Yellow representing FIRE, the energy for the initial life creating impact.

The roots of appearance
I blew liquid ink over the paper. White space is left out. I consciously placed the initial portion of liquid, controlled the direction and speed of flow but left most of the "creating" to chance.

The grained structure of the organic forms repeatedly appear in nature. Maybe that is the reason why the works instantly address everyone, either through fascination or denial.

All works are 70 x 50 cm, ink on paper.

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