Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

New Sketches online

To show you some more of my work, I uploaded some Sketches from this year´s first sketchbook.

Here are some impressions from a trip to Cinque Terre in north italy in april this year. Cinqe Terre is so beautiful, romantic and lovely! Five little villages are located on a rough and rocky shoreline. Since italy buildt a railway to connect the villages, travelling there is pleasure. Well ok, as long as one can accept the masses of tourists from all around the world (there are much more tourists than nationals).

This is a view at the houses of PORTOVENERE´S harbour. They are painted in bright colours and are actually a WORLD HERITAGE SIGHT.

At the harbour of VERNAZZA

Houses at VERNAZZA´S harbour

The main road in MANAROLA

A view at the shoreline